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HOPEWhat if you could have fame, fortune or love - but each was mutually exclusive? Johnny Crane is a young Texan living in New York City in the 1990’s, trying to break into the worlds of publishing and acting and trying to navigate the world of love without breaking his heart. But his walls are papered with rejection, and his loneliness is only eased by his best friend, a fellow Texan in the big city. He floats at the edge of success, but finds himself unable to land. When he is tempted with the culmination of each of his dreams, he sees no way to combine them. Can he hope to find a way, or must he choose?

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WARP: When the alien Mlosh landed on earth in the 18th century, the human world warped around their presence. Now, some humans want them gone - and they are using the Mlosh’s own tools against them.

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BEFORE/AFTER: A lottery winner, a divorcee and a conspiracy theorist awaken after the unexpected victory of John Kerry in the 2004 election to a world that has changed drastically. Together, they will fight to do what is right.

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3rd M: The talk show of the 3rd Millennium! Meet aliens, matter transportation accidents, over-assertive clones and more in this sitcom pilot screenplay - EXCLUSIVE TO KINDLE!


Hope by Robert A. Taylor for the Nook

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