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TDS | 2013.10.01

Have you ever stood in a line for WIC? PREGNANT WOMEN WILL WAIT AS LONG AS SIX HOURS with noisy toddlers to get their coupons for free proteins like cheese and dry beans. DRY BEANS. They can’t otherwise afford this necessary food to meet their monthly protein requirement to have healthy babies.

Do people honestly have any idea what sort of a problem food is in this country and how many children don’t have regular access to healthy meals? Do they know how many pregnant women don’t get the proper nutrition?

Fuck you Republicans.

I’m not even tagging these posts “politics.” This is basic humanity; it’s not me being a liberal—it’s me being a decent human and these congresstwits being INHUMAN.

When I tried to explain this to my friend in Canada she assumed I was making this up, because no one could be that cartoonishly evil.

Yes; yes they could.

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